When falling in love with God OFFENDS YOU.

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Dr. Merle Ray, PhD

Feb. 14, 2020 5:30 am CT


IT’S LOVE WEEK! Happy Valentine’s! Be mine!

Are you peeved at all the mushy love stuff going on right now? Love songs, music and festivities got you down instead of up? You are bothered perhaps because you feel there’s no one in your life? The pain of past relationships gone awry still hurt when you think about them? It’s not that you’re a hater. Most likely, it’s the opposite.

You’re one of the true lovers in the world! You love strong. You love hard. You love till it hurts. And when it does, you love even more, only to be left alone. Again. Feeling like a failure.

Don’t be! Let me tell you why.

If you are one of the millions of people who are alone or lonely on Valentine’s Day, love is just right for you! I used to think the opposite. I thought that I would never find love, and that made me feel that I was a failure, like I was being punished. Punished for trying to love? That’s like punishing yourself for being Black, or punishing yourself for being a woman. Listen, the people who are not accepting you for who you are, they are the ones with a problem, not you.


I want to share my special moment with you today. Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m leaning in to say, “YOU ARE WORTHY!!!” Listen in to my favorite song which changed my life. My baby sister introduced me to this song for the first time in about 1992, and I couldn’t put it down. The Lord visited me personally in my car. I had been challenged to fall in love with God by a female pastor. I was offended by her challenge because it seemed like she had it all going on for herself, a beautiful family, a strong husband, and all that good stuff.

I, on the other hand, had felt like a failure, having been divorced twice and just couldn’t quite understand what was going on in my life. Sometime after that, as I was listening to this song on my way home from work in the Texas Medical Center that’s when God, the Great Father of Heaven and Earth, whispered in my ear. He made Himself known to me when He said, “I wish you would let me love you like that.” That’s when I knew that God was real, and I gave Him my heart that day. Although I had been in church all my life, I had never experienced Him like this!!!

I bless you today, my friend, because you are worth much more than you know!!! Thank you for being in my life! You have made a difference!


Dr. Merle Ray

Link to one of my favorite songs:

“Love Said Not So” on YouTube

(I don’t own the rights to this song.)