Truth than can be Seen.

Take out your Vision Journals this weekend, Everyone who desires truth.

God is speaking.


Let us not be like the Pharisees who crucified Jesus. They were pompous, puffed up, indignant, and prosperous-looking with their words, but no mercy. No compassion. No love. No truth.

“He places in the jaws of the unrighteous people a bit and bridle that leads them astray. But those who trust in the Lord even through adversity, God causes them to dance with Him on the graves of the kings of hell and darkness.” Isaiah 30:28-32 My paraphrase.
In My Vision Journal, this weekend I wrote:
  • I see God redeeming us out of idolatry, oppression, deceit, and destruction that the evil one has been offering this whole world every day since Eden.
  • I see God dancing to the tune of his own music and musical instruments as He sets hell on fire. All of the devil’s work that was wrought against us who trust Him, with the mouth of God, I see the work of the enemy lit up on fire with the streaming sulfur out of the nostrils of God. The kings of evil are pushed into the blaze forever.


  • I see those who trust in the Lord living a fruitful life of prosperity, humility, authority, rarity, integrity, sincerity, evidentiary and eternity not withheld… (Look at all the words that end with the sound “ittee.”) 


  • From the words that rhyme with “ittie,” I see El-Shaddai, meaning the “Full Breasted One.” In His love and mercy, He takes pity. He sacrificed His Only Son providing the Truth of what is really going on around us, and what is happening on this earth today. Despite all this, He gives us righteousness from his breasts. His Righteousness is pouring forth like a river of milk from every mountainside to the man who desires God’s truth in his inward parts, freedom from the lies and seductions of life.
He came to free our spirits!
Not just our bodies and souls.
James 1:18 says:
“With the Word of Truth, He created us.”
This statement itself should tell us something.
This Resurrection Weekend, Beloved,
Rise up and live in truth!
Dr. Merle Ray



Destiny Delivered.