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Does coaching require a college degree or coaching credential?

Generally speaking, coaching does not require a degree or coaching credential. Some of the world’s best known coaches do not possess either. However, if you want to distinguish your coaching practice in a market that is extremely competitive, then having a college degree and/or coach credential can signify that you have the knowledge, skills, and core competencies associated with professional coaching. This is great for people who don’t know you and are unfamiliar with the coaching profession and the effectiveness of what you have to offer. In addition, businesses and organizations in the corporate sector who hire internal coaches and professional coaches for their staff and executives often look for individuals who possess a college degree or a type of professional credential. There are no laws or regulations governing coaching in the United States, so no certification is required; though having been certified through a sound coach education training program can certainly be an asset both for the coach and the client.  When considering coaching, check out objective research such as that from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the information shared by the world’s largest professional coaching association, the International Coaching Federation (ICF). ELTU’s Founder and School Director is an ICF Professional Certified Coach; the ICF is considered the goal standard in professional coach standards.


What type of coaching is taught at ELTU?

ELTU sets the foundations for all types of coaching. We are the perfect solution for life coaching and coaching in corporate industry sectors. We specialize in coach education for those who want to nurture their calling as well as their career. We have two Professional Coach Series Certifcate Coaching Programs that are advanced and deep dives into the core competencies of coaching as defined by the International Coaching Federation. An overview of what we offer is shown below:

10 Programs 

5 Degrees

5 Certificates

2 Professional Coach Series

100 Courses



What are the benefits of Christ-Centered coaching?

Clients who seek out coaching tend to look for ways in which to optimize their personal and/or professional life. Those clients who seek out “Christ-Centered” coaching wish to fully optimize their spiritual life as part of this process. Many faith-based clients want the same results from coaching that secular coaching clients seek, except those clients who seek Christ-Centered Coaching prefer to focus their coaching plans and strategies from their biblical beliefs and spiritual life principles. They may wish to fully explore and utilize these principles during their journey towards change. Seeking Christ is at the root and source of what it is that they want to explore in a coaching relationship and coaching agreement. Their motivation and/or strategies for exploring coaching may not necessarily be rooted and grounded in a secular approach for life or doing things.

What’s In It for The Client?

Here are some ways individuals benefit from Christ-Centered coaching as well as coaching in general:

        • Aligning day-to-day actions with the short and long term personal or professional objectives;
        • Receiving and delivering regular relevant feedback to monitor self and progress;
        • Setting and communicating clear performance expectations or life aspirations;
        • Identifying tools and training needed for to be successful in personal and professional goals;
        • Providing appropriate learning and development opportunities;
        • Supporting decisions, owning decisions, and taking control of one’s own life destiny;
        • Recognizing and appreciating self as well as challenging self for personal success.

What’s In It for The Coach?

The benefits of coaching can seem to be very client-oriented; however, looking at what’s in it for a new or experienced coach, there are a number of advantages to be gained from having effective coaching sessions and being a professional coach. Both corporate internal and independent external coaches have tremendous opportunity to impact lives in any industry of work. Many coaches tend to be leaders, role models, or examples in their fields of study. Christ-Centered and Professional Coaches enjoy the freedom of having a rewarding and satisfying career that impacts  people’s lives. They help to strengthen people’s lives both personally and professionally. Christ-Centered Coaching and Professional Coaching helps coaches expand in the diverse professional communities and networks all over the world, so the entire globe is available to coaches, regardless of where the coach lives whether the coach prefers faith-based coaching as a niche or any of the multi-faceted areas of coaching practice.


Are coaching labs required to complete ELTU degree programs?

ELTU specializes in Christ-Centered Coaching, Leadership, and Change, so for most of our degree courses there are a minimum number of required coaching labs. Some of our Degree courses do not require coaching labs; for example, Course Numbers: BCL 113, 114, 115, and 116 do not require coaching labs. Also, some of our Certificate Seminars do not require coaching labs. For example, the Christ-Centered MBA Certificate has several courses from which students can choose from that do not require labs. The minimum number of lecture hours and coaching lab hours are shown for each Degree Program or Certificate in the Outline sections of the University Catalog and this website.


How quickly can I finish my degree program or certificate?

As quickly as you want to finish. Each Degree Program and Certificate Program at ELTU is self-paced with the exception of three Certificates programs offered at ELTU. This means that you can work on your studies when and where you want to with ELTU. You never have to attend a course in a physical classroom for our Degree Programs and for most of our Certificate Seminars. The exceptions are: the Spiritual Intimacy & Birthing Coach Certificate, the Graduate – Certificate in Professional Coaching, and the Master’s Certificate in Professional Coaching. These three are live seminars series which are considered synchronous (in real-time led by an instructor and not self-paced study). All others at ELTU allow you to finish at your own pace. You can graduate as quickly as you wish within a few months or take longer if you desire as long as you finish by the maximum program length outlined in your selected Program or Seminar Series Certificate.


 Are graduation fees mandatory and am I required to attend graduation in person?

Graduation fees vary from year to year and include expenses that are required to close out your academic program properly at ELTU and prepare Texas state-required records such as reporting files, audits, and transcripts for post-graduation. The graduation fees also include the cost to meet supply and  demand of materials and expenses for graduation each year, as well as provide your official framed degree certificates and diplomas. These fees are necessary for us to run your program close-out year whether or not you plan on attending the Graduate Experience. You must complete payment of all the designated graduation fees for your Graduation Year in order to properly complete the program and receive program credit. You are required to attend the Graduate Experience either in person or virtual when the program is announced; we strongly encourage all students to participate in the Graduate Experience as this part of your transformation journey is essential. Unlike other schools, the experience at ELTU is a part of a transformational process. We pray and believe God that the entire ELTU Graduate Experience helps to form, shape, develop and refine every student’s competencies and skills to enhance both your calling and career. Download and view the latest published Graduation Fees, visit the Downloads Center and click on Graduation Fees


Will I have pop-quizzes or tests?

Unlike traditional Christian college and secular universities, pop-quizzes and tests are not the focus for the Degree Programs and Certificates offered by ELTU. That is not to say that you will never have them; in fact, we currently administer only two tests which are part of the Professional Coaching Seminars that we offer as online exams. However typically, there are no tests for the ELTU Degree programs. The lessons you master at ELTU are directed towards your internal spiritual growth and development. These are lessons designed to interact with your heart knowledge of Christ and not just your head knowledge of Him. We believe that internal spiritual transformation is what drives external change and behavior. That said, Spiritual Maturity will be evident by the tests that you go through in life where circumstances and situations meet you where you are and these become your opportunity to evaluate how much you have truly grown as you do what you have learned from Scripture submitted to the Holy Spirit.

2 Peter 1:5-8 KJV

And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge; and to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness; and to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity. For if these things be in you, and abound, they make you that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.


How do I access the ELTU Student Portal for the first time?

The online forms and ELTU Student Portal app is powered by JotForms, so students must register for a free JotForms account if they do not already have one or use their Google email account to access. View these steps / instructions to access the ELTU Student Portal for the first time. Once you have logged in to the ELTU Student Portal the first time, you can always return to the portal by visiting the ELTU website and clicking the link at the top of the page which says “ELTU Student Portal.” You can also add the ELTU Student Portal icon to your phone or device home page. The App will ask you when you first login, “Do you wish to add the App to your Home page?” Simply click yes and it will stay on your device’s home page.


Do I have to use a computerized learning management system or software to do my program?

Do you mean – can you just turn in assignments directly via email to your Instructor? ELTU offers you the advantage of easy access to your instructor and your learning materials through the ELTU: Destiny Delivered Student Portal. The forms we use on the portal to collect your completed assignments are super simple to access 24/7 and you can do so from your phone, desktop, or laptop. If you know how to use your cell phone, then you can operate our Student Portal; it’s just that simple. When you need to reach out to your Instructor, we ask that you do so through the Contact link on the Student Portal or by use of the school email only provided to students upon enrollment.

How do I turn in my assignments?

Assignments are submitted on the ELTU Student Portal.


How does the ELTU Degree Program typically work?

First, all you do is download your ELTU Course Syllabus right out of your chosen Program Outline. Get your textbook, which you can buy from Amazon or your favorite bookstore. Read the textbook as outlined in the ELTU Course Syllabus. The textbook readings are considered your  class lectures. We have provided convenient Course Content Outlines on the Student  Portal which you can download with your Course Syllabus to make sure you cover all of your lessons. Complete the courses by logging in to the ELTU Student Portal and following your Course Content Outline. A typical Course Content Outline has one or more of the following:

Discussion Forum

Answer your instructor’s question posted in the discussion forum. The Discussion Forum is typically one or two questions used as check-in points which let us know how often you are in attendance and engaged on your ELTU studies.

Lessons and Journals

Summarize your thoughts from the textbook into your online Student Journal – which is as simple as posting to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Once you have completed each lesson, these Journal Postings count as your end-of-the-course Paper. We call this the EZ-Journal method. If you do not choose to use the EZ-Journal method to do your coursework, then you will upload your Course Paper the traditional way at the end of the Course, instead of completing your lessons in the online Student Journal as you go. Whether you choose to post textbook summaries into your online Student Journal or not, it’s completely up to you. Either way, it’s your choice and it’s that easy!

Assignment Upload Form

Students who do not use the EZ-Journal method to complete their course papers, use this Assignment Upload Form to turn in their coursework. Simply write your course paper following the instructions as outlined in your Degree or Certificate program section on “How to Complete this Program.”

How do I cancel my program if I need to and get a refund?

ELTU follows the refund policy mandated by the State of Texas Workforce Commission, Office of Career Schools and Colleges. This means that the refund policy is not subject to our discretion but required to be consistently applied according to the policies that we have provided for in the University’s Catalog. You typically have 72 hours or (3 business days) in which to request a refund after enrolling into any of our programs unless it is a seminar that is less than 3 consecutive business days.  The student may contact the School Office to request a refund and follow the  program cancellation process. There are also policies on: Incompletes, Withdrawals, and Terminations, Tuition, Fees & Expenses as shown in the University Catalog and students may receive refunds as outlined only. Most of the fees and incidental expenses incurred after the initial 72-hour refund period has expired are non-refundable except where dictated or limited by policy. For the purpose of determining the amount of refunds due, ELTU uses the last day the student submitted a posting to any lesson or Discussion Forum from the ELTU Course Content Outline or the number of lessons completed whichever is later.


What is ELTU’s uniqueness in one sentence?

We know of no other university or college secular or non-secular that solely specializes in providing a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degree using Christ-Centered Coaching, Leadership, and Change techniques collectively to raise up biblical leaders, and then provide support – helping the student to set up shop by publishing their book or manuscript in the commercial marketplace while building their brand as a competent leader and professional coach.


How do you differ from tools on the market such as ‘Clifton Gallup Strengths’ which I have completed before?

The biggest difference is that tools on the market such as Clifton Gallup Strengths are database tools and evaluation instruments that students use to assess themselves and become more aware of their strengths and areas for growth and development. Our Founder and School Director, Dr. Merle Ray has used that tool before which she happened to love along with many others!

At ELTU, we are living instruments. The faculty, staff, and peers are catalysts to mentor, coach, and serve as spiritual midwives to those looking to birth their brilliance and level up in their skills and capacities. The other big difference is that everything we teach at ELTU is based on biblical research, spiritual empowerment, and education that is faith-based. That said, one could argue that the difference between what we do and the tools in the marketplace is akin to the difference between using something that is living and something that is not. The third and biggest difference is that the tools and universities in the market may show you what your strengths are, and they may describe and evaluate your capacities, but they don’t help you deliver them or accompany you in seeing your dreams come to pass. ELTU offers students the opportunity to make their dreams of  finishing their faith-based degree or mentor coaching, authoring, and book publishing a reality – all at the same time. We believe equipped with God’s brilliant ideas, love, wisdom, and sharing what we learn using Christ-Centered Coaching, Leadership, and Change techniques, ELTU makes the world a better place.

ELTU is a private Christian University led by a faculty of professional mentor coaches and ministers who are raising up the next generation of mentor coaches and ministers not through traditional means of education but through self-education research using Christ-Centered Coaching, Leadership, and Change techniques supported by biblical principles. We are licensed by the State of Texas to provide educational programs, degrees, and seminars which help students, working professionals, and leaders develop the skills and competencies they need to form and enhance their callings and careers.


What is cost per credit? Is this affordable for your clients in these days ahead?

The typical average cost per credit at traditional universities is $300 to $400 per credit. The average cost at ELTU is about $50 per program hour.


Where are the school testimonials?

ELTU received its approval from the state to operate in January 2022, and since then has been setting up the infrastructure for the school to run online smoothly. However, our School Director and Founder, Dr. Merle Ray is no novice to mentor coaching, leadership, and change management. In fact, she has over 20 years of experience in the field and has been a Chief Human Capital Director and Strategist in the corporate sector for a number of years before starting the University. ELTU is now open for registration of its first set of students to enroll in its programs and certificates, and that is why we’re receiving valuable feedback like yours. Please feel free to click here to check out the testimonials of clients who have worked with our School Director, Dr. Merle Ray prior to school opening. Not only is Dr. Ray a Professional Certified Coach, but she is also a Consultant, Business Strategist, and Publisher. This is why ELTU can offer you the greatest value proposition starting with a sound foundation in coach education and then going beyond. Dr. Ray’s official website is: and from there you will find that she has a vast background in professional coaching, publishing, consulting, training, and business education. She has a personal passion particularly for educating students of faith which is how ELTU came into existence working with business executives, pastors, and leaders. Check out her bio page.



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