Spiritual Intimacy and Birthing Coach Course

Course #:         SIB-102                                                            Hours: 44 Lec/ 1 Lab/ 0 Ext/ 45 Total


Method:           Synchronous – Live Instructor Led            Schedule: Sun afternoon 22 weeks

Complete Synopsis                                                                Prerequisites: None

Christ-Centered coaching and mentoring can be used in your own individual intimacy with God birthing project. Built on biblical principles, this course presents a personal approach to coaching to help students move towards creating and/or producing a change in their lives or a project that God has placed on their hearts. Personal, professional, or spiritual transformation is the goal of students who enter this journey. Part II of the Spiritual Intimacy and Birthing Curriculum focuses on Intimacy with Others for 20 weeks, plus 2 more weeks to close out and plan the public class celebration. Depending on the individual composition and makeup of each class, the instructor will choose 2 to 3 required textbooks from the list below for each group of student candidates selected for the program year.

Required Textbook:   Instructor will select from ELTU textbook list, including but not limited to:

  • PREGNANT ON PURPOSE Birthing Your Dreams and Visions Coaching Workbook, Planners, & Journal Series™ by Dr. Merle Ray (Author)
  • SPIRITUAL IDENTITY: Worldview Wisdom for Women by Dr. Merle Ray ISBN-13: 978-0979983702; 232 pages, Publisher: The Noble Groups
  • Six-Figures & Beyond Success by Dr. Merle Ray; ISBN-13: 978-1981932160; 40 pages; and the Ready. Set. Go-Live Workbook by Dr. Merle Ray, ISBN-13: 978-1984323033; 60 pages, Publisher: The Noble Groups on the Amazon Platform
  • 40-Days to Transformation Excellence by Dr. Merle Ray; ISBN-13: 978-1984323217; 94 pages, Publisher: The Noble Groups on the Amazon Platform
  • Manifest Your Maker: 12 Keys to Manifesting Your God-Given Greatness  by Dr. Merle Ray (Author); 114 pages, ISBN: 979-8700097000, Published by: The Noble Groups on Amazon Platform (2023)
  • Kings in the Meantime: Winning in Your Toughest Season by Dr. Merle Ray; ISBN-13: 978-1979996419, 80 pages, Publisher: The Noble Groups on the Amazon Platform
  • Peer Coach Training Workbook by Tony Stoltzfus; ISBN 978-0-9794163-0-9; 80 pages, Publisher: Coach22.com

Learning Objectives

Through group and individual coaching and assignments, you will:

  • Set up a coaching agreement on your own change or birthing project.
  • Describe and document what you learn about yourself and/or your birthing.
  • Establish your progress markers and indicators for success.

Course Syllabus

A class syllabus is provided for each student upon successful enrollment and acceptance. Also see How to Complete this Program for detailed instructions.