Master’s Degree Course

Course #:       MCL-202                                                         Hours: 10 Lec/ 2 Lab/ 0 Ext/ 12 Total


Method:          Asynchronous Distance Learning                 Schedule: 11 weeks  

Complete Synopsis                                                                Prerequisites: None

How does a pandemic start from a single person? How does a juvenile grow up to decide to become a part of the solution to the world’s problems instead of part of the problem? How does one thing happen that starts off a series of other things that change our world for the better or worse? When you look to the past there have been many society altering events, and at the height of each moment, there has been a single tipping point. The world is full of people who have sparked flames for the future. COACHING TO TEACH YOURSELF challenges us to make an impact today to pave the road to a better tomorrow, combining textbook reading lectures, coaching labs, and online discussion forums to give the beginning student a basic knowledge of how to better empower himself, construct or figure out his best options, and how to better hold one accountable.


Required Textbook:   The Tipping Point – How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference By Malcolm Gladwell, Narrated by: Malcolm Gladwell ISBN-13: 978-0316346627 or AudioBook; 301 pages (2007) Publisher: Back Bay Books

Learning Objectives

Through reading and applying the principles shared in the course materials, you will:

  • Identify how ideas and actions spark change and make lasting impacts.
  • Identify and describe what the textbook author says about where knowledge can change the world and how.
  • Describe how the size of an impact affects or does not affect outcomes.
  • Identify different tipping points and the impact they had on our world as described by the textbook. Identify their origins.

Course Syllabus

A class syllabus is provided for each student upon successful enrollment and acceptance. Also see How to Complete this Program section for detailed instructions.