Personal Ministry Coach Course

Course #:         M-CPC-110 AUDIT                                          Hours: 16 Lec/ 2 Lab/ 0 Ext/ 18 Total


Method:          Asynchronous/Self-study                           Schedule:  16-hours (Lessons 105-112)

Complete Synopsis                                                                Prerequisites: None

In COACHING GLOBAL IMPACT & PERSPECTIVE, students are learning the universal view and perspectives of coaching: what is coaching, what coaching is not, and the differences between coaching and other support disciplines. This course provides a powerful learning platform for coaching that enables professional coaches and students of coaching to help their clients to grow and develop both personally and professionally by covering the worldwide common definitions and understanding of coaching from the global perspective based on exploration of the International Coach Federation’s foundations and systems of guided principles in coaching. Using the International Coach Federation (ICF) website, this course introduces and describes for coach practitioners, mentor coaches, supervisors, coach trainers, and students the ICF definitions and core competencies for coaching, types of coaching, and the various support disciplines that are distinguished separate and apart from coaching to identify what coaching is and what coaching is not. A minimum of 18 class hours is spent in coach-specific training and practice.

Required Textbook: DIAMONDS Core Competencies for Coaching: Coach-specific Training for Professional Coaches and Aspiring Coaches by Dr Merle Evelyn Ray (Author) (2017), ISBN 978-1720921318

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and describe the ICF definition of coaching.
  • Identify and describe distinctions between coaching and other support professions.
  • Identify and describe the system of ICF core competencies.
  • Identify and describe types of coaching.

Required Media

Course Syllabus